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All You Need To Know About Nol Cards in Dubai

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If you’re new in Dubai, figuring out the public transportation system in the city can be overwhelming. Luckily, the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has made commuting easier with their Nol card system. Nol cards are rechargeable smart cards that allow you to pay for public transportation. Here’s everything to know before you buy an RTA Nol card from ES Dubai English school and start using it.

Firstly, What is a Nol card?

It’s a smart card that can be loaded with credit and used mainly to pay for public transportation services in Dubai, including the metro, buses, trams, and water taxis. You can also use it to pay for a wide range of services such as parking lots, restaurants, supermarkets, convenience stores, pharmacies, entertainment parks, clinics, electronics, fuel stations, automotive services, as well as for accessing some government services. At ES Dubai, we also accept Nol card payments at our cafeterias.

Where to Buy a Nol Card?

Getting your own RTA Nol card is easy. You can purchase a Nol card from any RTA ticket office at a metro station, bus station, vending machine, authorised retailer, or even order one online through the RTA website and have it delivered to your doorstep. You can even buy Nol cards at our ES Dubai English School campus in Dubai.

Once you have your RTA Nol card, you’ll need to load it with credit. This can be done at any metro or bus station or through the RTA website. You can load it with a certain amount of credit or purchase a package that includes a certain number of trips. However, you must always have a minimum balance of 7.50 AED on the Nol card to start a journey using public transport.

Types of Nol Cards

english school dubai english institute in dubai language institute dubai

RTA offers different types of cards, including regular cards and personalised cards that you can use for varied purposes. Here are the most common types:

  1. Blue Nol Card – These are smart cards for students and provide discounted fares.
  2. Silver Nol Card – This is a custom smart card that you can load with credit and use for multiple journeys. It’s perfect for occasional users.
  3. Gold Nol Card – This smart card comes with added benefits, such as discounted fares and access to VIP services.
  4. Red Ticket – This is a paper ticket you can purchase for one-time use on public transport.

Using Your Nol Card

Using your RTA Nol card is easy. Simply tap it on the card reader when entering and exiting the metro or bus. The fare based on your journey will be automatically deducted from the card balance. Make sure to check the fare before you travel, as it varies depending on the distance, number of zones travelled, and mode of transportation.

english school dubai english institute in dubai language institute dubai

Benefits of Nol Cards

The RTA provides various benefits through Nol cards, such as discounted fares compared to purchasing a single fare ticket and special rates for students. You can also save time by avoiding the long queues at ticket vending machines and also use your Nol card for multiple journeys, including transfers between different modes of transport. In addition to being a convenient and cost-effective way to regularly commute to your English language institute or travel around Dubai, using an RTA Nol card also helps to reduce paper waste and supports the city’s sustainability efforts. Nol cards also make payments easy at a wide range of outlets and services in Dubai, from popular supermarkets such as Lulu and Carrefour, pharmacies like Aster, Medcom and Medicina, to world-class entertainment parks like IMG Worlds of Adventure.

Tips for Using Nol Cards

  1. Always check your card balance before using it to ensure you have enough credit for your journey.
  2. Register your Nol card online to protect it from loss or theft.
  3. Remember to tap your Nol card at the designated card reader before and after each journey.
  4. Don’t forget to recharge your Nol card before it runs out of credit to avoid any inconvenience.

RTA Nol cards are a great way to travel around Dubai. Whether you’re a resident or a visitor, using a Nol card can save you time and money. So, what are you waiting for? Get your RTA Nol card from ES Dubai English language institute and start exploring Dubai with ease!


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