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Delivery Policy

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ES will deliver the requirements of its courses so that the candidates of those awards can meet the requirements to complete their course.

Teaching Space Guidelines

It is a general rule that in allocating teaching space an allowance will be made for two square metres per student.

Student Orientation and Induction

Each new student is expected to participate in ES’s orientation program, usually a combination of an induction program and a orientation event.  This process is coordinated by the Academic Director.

Principles of Course Delivery

The following principles frame the delivery of all ES courses of study:

  • Equity and clarity of course content, assessment, workload, learning experience and outcomes across all delivery modes and delivery sites;
  • Common learning management system;
  • Timely and appropriate support of ES personnel and tutors;
  • Timely and appropriate assessment feedback before the next assessment item is due;
  • Flexibility in pedagogical approaches and scaffolding of student learning;
  • Student access to the necessary resources to meet course
  • A variety of assessment that caters to different learning styles;
  • Appropriately and adequately educated and skilled faculty and trainers;
  • Appropriate benchmarking, review and continuous improvement.