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Amanda Underhill

Director of Studies

Our Director of Studies is an accomplished and dedicated education professional with a proven track record in English language teaching and academic leadership. Driven by a passion for fostering language proficiency and cultural understanding, she brings extensive experience in curriculum development, teacher training, and student assessment. Committed to creating a dynamic and supportive learning environment, she thrives on the challenge of ensuring academic excellence within our English learning school.



Teaching Style

We take great pride in hand-picking highly experienced teachers who are passionate about teaching the English language and creating an amicable atmosphere in the classroom. Most of our teachers work full time at ES, which helps ensure that students have continuity in their learning experience and lessons. Our dedicated teachers are committed to working closely with students, in order to help them achieve their language goals.

Our teachers

All our teachers are qualified, native English speakers, with many years of experience teaching English as a foreign language. We also have a high ratio of Diploma and Masters trained teachers at our school. Our teachers plan exciting, interactive lessons so that students are motivated to learn, and our courses are interesting, relevant and enjoyable.



Our review says it all!

It’s about the vibe we’ve created together, where we ensure everyone feels like they’re part of the family.



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Tom Hudd

Tom is a British Cross Cultural Competence and CELTA qualified English Teacher with experience teaching in Italy and the UAE.

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Scott McGowan

Scott is a PGDE and TEFL qualified teacher from Scotland with experience teaching in UK colleges.

ES Dubai-Adam Eldakak (1)

Adam Eldakak

Adam is a CELTA and TEFL-qualified teacher from the USA who enjoys a student-centric approach. He has around 15 years of experience teaching English in Egypt.

english training institute,

Alex Wade​

Alex is a CELTA and DELTA qualified teacher, experienced in providing training for IELTS, KET, CAE, and BEC and developing professional course materials.
ES Dubai-Ian Parker (1)

Ian Parker

Ian is a CELTA-qualified teacher. During his 17-year-long career, he has worked in different countries, such as Japan, Egypt, China, South Korea, Peru, the UK and Vietnam.

ES Dubai-James King (1)

James King

James, a TESOL-qualified teacher holding a BA Honors degree. He has over a decade of experience teaching worldwide, including Dubai, China, Spain, and the UK.

ES Dubai-Nada Badawy (1)

Nada Badawy

Nada is a CELTA and TEFL-qualified teacher with industry experience of around 7 years, working in Middle Eastern regions, such as Dubai and Egypt.

general english courses,

Daniel Tovey Hayes

Daniel is an EFL certified teacher with experience in teaching students at the beginner to upper-intermediate.

ES Dubai-Malak Mustafa

Malak Mustafa

Malak is a TEFL and CELTA-qualified teacher who has worked in Dubai and Egypt. With over 8 years of experience, he is well-versed in teaching English as a second language.

ES Dubai-Joshua

Joshua Xenophou

Joshua is a CELTA-qualified teacher. He is passionate about teaching young learners and has worked across Dubai, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and South Africa.

ES Dubai-Evan

Evan Koekemoer

Evan is a TEFL and TESOL-certified teacher with over two decades of experience working in different places such as Dubai, South Africa, China, and Saudi Arabia.

ES Dubai-Anthony (1)

Anthony Martin

Anthony is a CELTA-certified teacher specialising in intermediate English levels. He has over 12 years of experience teaching in the UK, Bulgaria, Korea, and the UAE.

ES Dubai-Ahlam

Ahlam Ajjot

Ahlam is a CELTA-certified teacher with over 10 years of experience in the UK and Dubai, with a keen drive and passion for education and growth within his students.

ES Dubai-Ahmed

Ahmed Khan

Ahmed is a TEFL and CELTA-certified teacher with 9 years of experience teaching English courses across countries such as the UK, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE.

ES Dubai-Cerine (1)

Cerine Behayoune

Cerine is a CELTA-qualified teacher with over 4 years of experience teaching courses such as General English and Speaking Classes in Canada, Oman and the UAE.

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All our teachers are qualified, native speakers, with many years of experience teaching English as a foreign language. We also have a high ratio of Diploma and Masters trained teachers at our school.



As part of our efforts to improve student satisfaction, we carry out regular teacher evaluations every 6 weeks. This process helps to maintain consistent standards for high quality teaching. Student feedback is very important to us and is vital to our success. Feedback is gathered from students throughout their course via an online questionnaire.

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At ES Dubai, we make studying English a fun and fascinating experience for every student. A family-like atmosphere in a culturally diverse community at our school is our asset. Our school will become your second home while you learn, discover, and enjoy Dubai.