ES Dubai - Simple Tips from ES Dubai to Overcome Stage Fright
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Simple Tips from ES Dubai to Overcome Stage Fright

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Stepping up to talk in front of people or on a stage can be difficult, but at ES Dubai, we see it as stepping into your potential. Our Speaking English course aims to enhance your language skills, assist you in overcoming nervousness, and build self-confidence. Here’s how you can master public speaking.

Positivity: The Power-Up Trick

Every session at ES Dubai starts on a positive note. We help students engage in the class by encouraging them to share something good or exciting relevant to the topic. This doesn’t just set a positive atmosphere; it reduces anxiety and builds a supportive community right from the start.

Practice Makes You Confident

The secret to being confident is preparation. In our classes, you will practise your speeches multiple times in various scenarios—solo in front of a mirror, in small groups, and in front of the whole class. This varied practice helps you get used to having an audience and makes delivering a speech feel like second nature.

Visualise Victory

Imagine yourself succeeding: you’re delivering your speech fluently, the audience is engaged, and you’re feeling great. Visualisation is a technique championed by performers and athletes alike, and at ES Dubai, we guide you through this process to help you connect with your inner speaker before you even utter a word.

Feedback that Fuels Growth

Feedback at ES Dubai is always constructive. After every activity in the classroom, you will receive insightful comments from both peers and instructors. This feedback focuses on what you did well and what you can improve with the support of our qualified teachers.

Embrace the Community Spirit

Speaking in front of others can be less intimidating when you feel like you’re among friends. Our classes help develop a community spirit where everyone is friendly and supports each other. This supportive environment makes facing an audience much more manageable.

Real-World Scenarios

Whether it’s preparing to speak in the classroom or at an interview, our real-world based activities prepare you for a variety of speaking engagements. These sessions help you get practical experience and motivate you to give your best in real-world situations.

Use Technology for Learning

Video recordings can help you see yourself in action. You can analyse your performances, note improvements, and observe areas that need a bit more work. This visual feedback is a powerful way to improve your delivery and body language.

Learning Through Laughter

We believe that learning is best when it’s fun. Our classes include interactive games and activities that make you laugh and relax. Including humour and play in learning helps reduce stress and makes the challenge of public speaking much more enjoyable.

Celebrate Every Victory

No victory is too small at ES Dubai. Every step forward is acknowledged and celebrated, helping you build a positive mindset about your speaking abilities. This culture of celebration motivates everyone to keep improving.

At ES Dubai, overcoming stage fright involves changing fear into fun and efforts into achievements. Our Speaking Classes are crafted to help you speak well and enjoy the spotlight. Join our course in Dubai, and let’s turn those stage frights into memorable speeches!

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