Refund Policy


 1. Cancellation

ES Training DMCC defines a full course of study as the initial enrolment period. Extensions are considered new enrolment periods. All refunds will be sent to the account of the ES representative to whom the fees were originally paid, or to the individual from whom ES has received the original direct payment.

If a student’s visa application is rejected after payment has been received, all fees, excluding any visa fees and non-refundable fees detailed in the Cancellation Policy below, will be refunded within 60 calendar days. Refunds will be processed according to these terms and conditions.

• Cancellation policy

ES Training DMCC defines “cancellation” as a change occurring before the start date of the first course. All cancellations must be made in writing to our admissions office and the following refund policies apply: Enrolment Fees, Courier Fees, Visa Fees, Administration Fees, Third-party fees (agent commission), and Course Deposits applicable to the offers are non-refundable.

• Course refunds before arrival

Where cancellations are received in writing more than 14 days before the first course start date, 100% of tuition fees will be refunded, except any non-refundable fees as listed above.

• Accommodation refunds before arrival

a) Students cancelling their accommodation less than 14 days before arrival will be charged an amount equal to 1 week of accommodation.

b) For cancellations less than 48 hours before arrival, an amount equivalent to 2 weeks of accommodation will be charged.

2. Withdrawal policy

ES Training DMCC defines withdrawal as the termination of a course after the course has started. Any withdrawal must be made in writing to the School Director, in order to arrange all relevant visa issues and cancellations in time before the student’s last day. No tuition fees will be refunded to students who notify ES Training DMCC of their withdrawal after the commencement of their course. Furthermore, courses are neither transferable nor exchangeable for other services such as accommodation and social activities and withdrawals have a no refund policy.

• Course deferral

• Students who are unable to complete their course due to extenuating circumstances will be offered the option of deferring the remainder of their course for a period of up to 6 months. In this case, the remaining weeks of study will be placed on hold at no extra cost. Any new visa related fees will be payable by the student.

• No deferral option is given to students who are expelled from the school for disciplinary reasons.