TERMS & CONDITIONS - ES Dubai Study English in DubaiTERMS & CONDITIONS - ES Dubai Study English in Dubai



  1. Acceptance of enrolment

We will acknowledge your application within 24 hours (Sunday to Thursday). The School will only issue the confirmation of acceptance upon receipt of full course fees.

  1. Payment

Full course and visa fees must be received 4 weeks before the start of the course to allow time for visa processing. If the payment is received less than 4 weeks before the start of the course, the school cannot guarantee the visa will be issued in time and the start date may be deferred. Fees can be paid by cash, cheque, credit card or bank transfer. Bank charges for sending and receiving banks are payable by the sender. Payments by credit card are subject to a surcharge of 2%, AMEX 3.5%.

  1. Start date

It may be possible to defer the start date of your course if necessary, however, if the visa has already been issued the dates of the visa cannot be changed and may not coincide with the start and end of your course.

  1. Visa

The School will endeavor to process short term Student Visitor visas within two weeks, and long term Student Residence visas within 5 weeks, however, the school cannot guarantee that the visa will be granted.

Student Residence Visas under the school’s sponsorship are only available for courses longer than 20 weeks, and are always issued for a period of one year. Visas for students enrolled in short courses will be processed under the Student Visitor visa category.

If the student is changing his/her status from another visa category such as tourist, employment, or employee residence, the student shall be liable for any fines incurred by delays in the issuance of the new visa.

  • Visa Cancellation Student Residence Visa: All students must attend class for as long as they are under the school’s sponsorship. Once the course is finished, students can remain under their original visa only by extending their study programme.       Students who complete their course and do not wish to continue studying will have their visas cancelled and the student will have 30 days from the date of cancellation to change their visa status or make arrangements to return to their home country. Students will be required to return to the school their Emirates ID card as well as their DWC Student ID cards. Failure to do so will result in a fine of 1000AED each. Furthermore, students cannot remain under the school’s sponsorship if they are no longer studying at the school.
  • Visa Cancellation Student Visitor Visa: Students under the short term student visa do not need to cancel their visas upon completion of their course, as it will be automatically cancelled once the student leaves the country. However, should the student overstay and/or fail to leave, the student shall be liable for any fines and additional expenses incurred by their overstay.
  1. Attendance

Students are legally required to attend their classes and maintain a minimum attendance of 70% per month. Students whose attendance falls below 70% will be given a verbal warning, followed by a written warning. Students whose attendance continues to be under the required percentage may be reported to immigration.

If a student does not attend class for a period longer than two weeks, and/or has failed to provide a suitable explanation for their continued absence said students may be reported as absconded. Absconded students will have their immigration file blacklisted, and shall incur in a 5,000aed fine as well as any additional fines imposed by the immigration office or related authorities.

Lateness for Class

  • Students who arrive late for class cause considerable disruption to the learning of other students. The consequences of lateness for the student are:
  • If a student arrives more than fifteen minutes after a lesson has started, he/she will be recorded as late for the lesson, and it will be recorded as an ‘L’ on the attendance sheet. Once the student accumulates three (3) L’s, they are recorded as one unexcused absence.
  1. Courses

All courses include an entry assessment prior to arrival, as well as regular progress tests. Courses start every 12 weeks as per scheduled timetable, but students are permitted to join any Sunday. Orientation takes place on the first day at school. Exam Preparation fees are not inclusive of actual exam costs and study materials.

Student progress will be recorded regularly and an academic assessment will be provided together with the final completion certificate.

  1. Cancellation

ES Training DMCC defines a full course of study as the initial enrolment period. Extensions are considered new enrolment periods. All refunds will be sent to the account of the ES representative to whom the fees were originally paid, or to the individual from whom ES has received the original direct payment.

If a student’s visa application is rejected after payment has been received, all fees, excluding any visa fees and non refundable fees detailed in the Cancellation Policy below, will be refunded within 28 days. Refunds will be processed according to these terms and conditions.

Cancellation policy

ES Training DMCC defines “cancellation” as a change occurring before the start date of the first course. All cancellations must be made in writing to our Admissions office and the following refund policies apply: Enrolment Fees, Courier Fees, Visa Fees, Administration Fee and Third party fees (agent commission) are non-refundable.

  • Refunds before arrival

Where cancellations are received in writing more than 14 days before the first course start date 100% of tuition fees will be refunded, except any non refundable fees as listed above.

  • Accommodation Refunds before Arrival
    a) Students cancelling their accommodation less than 14 days before arrival will be charged an amount equal to 1 week of accommodation.
    b) For cancellations less than 48 hours before arrival, an amount equivalent to 2 weeks of accommodation will be charged.
  1. Withdrawal Policy

ES Training DMCC defines withdrawal as termination of a course after the first course has started. Any withdrawal must be made in writing to the School Director, in order to arrange all relevant visa issues and cancellations in time before the student’s last day. No tuition fees will be refunded to students who notify ES Training DMCC of their withdrawal after the commencement of their first course.

Course Deferral

  • Students who are unable to complete their course due to extenuating circumstances will be offered the option of deferring the remainder of their course for a period of up to 12 months. In this case the remaining weeks of study will be placed on hold at no extra cost, however any visa related fees will be payable by the student.
  • Students under the Student Residence Visa will only be allowed to be away from the UAE for a period of up to 6 months. Should the student require a longer absence, the Student Residence Visa must be cancelled before departure.
  • No deferral option is given to students who are expelled from the school for disciplinary reasons.
  1. Course Materials

Course fees are not inclusive of books and students are required to purchase their own study materials.

  1. Public holidays

Classes are not given on public holidays and no refund or compensation is given for lessons missed.

  1. Discipline

If your conduct is unsatisfactory, you will be subject to the School’s disciplinary procedures. These procedures may lead ultimately to expulsion. In the event of expulsion fees are not refundable and you must cover travel and other costs incurred as a result.

  1. Accommodation

ES Dubai acts as an agent in the arranging and providing of accommodation. Students must agree to the terms and conditions of the accommodation provider selected. No refund is given for early departure but a charge will be made for any extra nights. Alcohol is prohibited in all student residences and students may only smoke in designated areas.

  1. Liability

ES Dubai shall not be liable under any circumstance for its failure to provide any services whatsoever if that failure is caused directly or indirectly by circumstances beyond the School’s control. Any damage caused
by a student to school property, or to a residence, whether intentional or not, will be charged to the student/s responsible. Students in residential accommodation are jointly and severally liable for shared facilities and the College reserves the right to recover costs for damage and exceptional cleaning.

  1. Holidays

Students studying courses under 12 weeks are permitted a maximum of 2 weeks’ holiday. Students studying long term courses are allowed a maximum of 4 weeks.

  1. Employment

ES Training DMCC allows and encourages students to work part time and temporary jobs during their spare time in order to practice their English. The school organizes career days and offers career guidance, however, the school does not act as a recruitment agency nor does it offer students the guarantee of employment during or after their studies. Furthermore, students are required to comply with the minimum attendance standards and will be discouraged of undertaking any training job which will be counterproductive to their studies.

  1. Insurance

The visa sponsored by the school includes a basic insurance, which ONLY covers medical emergencies, and students are advised to purchase appropriate accident and medical insurance. ES Training DMCC has preferred partners and insurance can be booked through the Admissions Office. Please note that once booked, insurance is non-refundable.

  1. Jurisdiction

In any dispute arising out of this contract, the parties expressly agree to submit to the jurisdiction of the courts of the UAE having jurisdiction in the matter in question.

I hereby agree to the terms and conditions of ES Training DMCC, and agree that this document supersedes any prior arrangements.

ES Dubai reserves the right to change prices, to cancel or change courses and to amend timetables at any time prior to enrolment and to make additions or amendments to these terms and conditions by giving one month’s written notice to all affected parties.


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