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Tips For Students Who Want To Study In UAE

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We understand how exciting it is to study abroad, especially when it is about studying in the UAE, one of the most preferred destinations across the globe. You get a chance to explore a new part of the world, make new friends, and most importantly you will get exposure to develop valuable life skills. But it works out only when you are confident enough to face any situation or issue that you might encounter while you stay there. So, to help you out, here we are suggesting some must-known tips for students who want to study in the UAE. But before we head towards the tips, first take a look at the most essential things you should know before you apply to study abroad:

Things To Know Before Studying Abroad

Be it UAE, the USA, or any other top-listed country. You must know the initial rules of studying abroad. So, with that said, take a look at some important things you should know before studying abroad: 

  • Make it clear where you desire to study along with the course you would like to pursue. 
  • Learn about the study programs required to get to the country as a scholar (what, why, and how).
  • Your passport is a must. You need to apply for it before you apply for studying abroad. 
  • Consider to council through a study counselor.
  • Studying abroad is not cheap, be assured of the finances and tuition fee since it is one of the biggest concerns for you and your parents. 
  • English is a universal language, and taking General English classes can help you master your communication skills as it is the only way that will help you survive in a foreign land. 
  • Health insurance is a must. So before you move abroad, make sure to schedule a doctor’s appointment to get any necessary medicated shots that are compulsory for scholars who came abroad to study. 
  • Knowing your target country’s rules and regulations are must for successful survival. So, make sure to learn all about the country.  

Now let’s take a look at some important tips that will help you understand some most vital points if you want to study in UAE:

Important Tips For Students Who Want To Study in UAE

There is nothing hidden besides UAE’s astonishing infrastructure, amazing tourism centers, and economy. It is famously known for offering great higher education too. Be it from an architectural perspective or management, UAE ranked fourth (4) in terms of quality education and first (1) in terms of sustainable development. So, if your goal is to study UAE then you can consider the below-mentioning tips from our in-house English teachers:

1. Visa Sponsorship by Relatives/ Higher Institutions-

In UAE, student residence visas are often sponsored either by the university or by the citizen relative. These residence visas are needed to be renewed annually as sponsored visas are valid for no longer than one year.  

Once receiving an official admission letter from the college/ institution to which you have applied. You have to fill some common requirements like: 

  • Passing certification of your medical test 
  • You have to get approval from the GDRFA(General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs)
  • Having a university or national resident sponsor your visa
  • You under graduation degree certification 
  • Further documents such as (tuition fees, and visa receipts). 

So, it is recommended to be prepared with all requirements so when demanded you will be ready to offer it right on time. 

2. Right Management of Living Expenses-

You must be aware of how expensive UAE is in terms of living. Therefore it is highly essential to make a mindful budget plan. Although the living expenses will depend on your lifestyle along with the location you prefer to live in. 

We recommend you to go for the accommodations offered by your institution first, but since such seats are limited in number so you might be required to find a private place.

If such a thing happens, then you must choose the location wisely. The best part of studying in the UAE is you can be independent and will get exposure to multiple opportunities in one place. 

Many students who want to study in UAE support their standard of living and compensate for their expenses by performing multiple job opportunities for part-time or full-time work without hampering their studies. You can check out Budget-friendly student stay at ES Dubai. We offer students stay in their comfort, within budget, and as per their requirements.

3. Attention to English/Communication Skills is Important

As we stated above, knowing English is a must. No matter where you go this would be your savior to survive in a foreign emirate as a student from abroad. Taking the Speaking class will be helpful if you want to boost your communication confidence. 

English is super important no matter where you live, study or work. Conversation skill helps in making discussion meaningful and clear to understand. It also helps students in presenting themselves better, building trust, discussing, and increasing engagement not just at their workplace but in daily life too. 

4. Student Scholarship-

Student Scholarship is an important aspect that helps scholars to get their education funded based on their academic rankings and GPA. Usually, this funding has been offered by the UAE government body, however, there are also private universities that offer scholarship programs to students who want to study in UAE. 

Although such private universities demand high payments sometimes low fees and some do offer fair fees. Therefore, it is crucial to choose the correct institution based on your preferred subject, the budget you can afford as well as (if available) scholarship you can get. 

The maximum tuition fee amount offered by the UAE Ministry scholarship scheme is more than $3,200 including multiple other scholarly utility expenses such as Books, clothes, flight tickets, medical benefits, and so on. 

Yet, there’s another way through which scholars can finance themselves i.e. by working either part-time or full-time at UAE-based firms. Several UAE-based companies are aware of scholars’ part or full-time availability and welcome the concept to hire students who came to study in the UAE. 

The list of (Govt.) UAE Scholarship sponsor bodies that support student scholarship funding:

  • Abu Dhabi Department of Education and Knowledge (ADEK) 
  • Abu Dhabi Investment Authority (ADIA) 
  • Ministry of Education (MOE) 
  • Diwan His Highness Sheik Sultan (DHHSS)
  • United Arab Emirates University (UAEU)
  • Dubai Government- HH The Rulers Court (DIWD)

5. Some of The Finest Universities in UAE-

It is important to be clear about what your aim is, what you want to pursue, from where you would like to pursue it, and whether would it be the best in terms of future perspective or not. Asking such questions will help you to evaluate better which university would be the best fit for you. Below we are listing some top-notch universities in UAE:

  • United Arab Emirates University
  • Khalifa University
  • Middlesex University Dubai 
  • American University of Sharjah
  • Abu Dhabi University
  • Canadian University of Dubai
  • American University of Ras Al Khaimah

6. Right Medical Health Insurance-

Alike every other economically strong country, UAE also promotes high health care infrastructure. As UAE has the world’s finest medical infrastructure, it makes having health insurance important for ex-pats to secure sponsorship in UAE. For every international scholar, medical insurance is a great way of health security in case any mishappening happened to them. 

In UAE, emirates such as Dubai and Abu Dhabi it is in law to have medical insurance compulsory for all. Whereas in other emirates such medical law does not implies. For ex-pats, only native sponsors or employers are accountable for their medical insurance. Therefore, it is recommended to students acknowledge healthcare at first and make sure to get their medical health insurance in the first place.  

Break Communication Barrier By Learning English Today!

Good in writing and know basic grammar rules can read well, but failed to communicate correctly? If you find communication a barrier then it’s time to wave goodbye to your communication issue. 

Here at ES Dubai, we have our highly experienced in-house CELTA qualified tutors who came from globally diverse cities and are passionate to taught students and improving their communication skills by offering high-quality teaching. 

Learning English would never be so fun and an unforgettable experience. Join our Dubai & London speaking class today and break your communication barrier and conversate with confidence within a few weeks of class. 

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