ES Dubai - Memory Hacks for Vocabulary: Tips to Remember New Words
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Memory Hacks for Vocabulary: Tips to Remember New Words

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Trying to learn a new language can be a fun adventure, and building your vocabulary is one of the basic steps to mastering it. Whether you’re just starting by searching ‘english speaking course near me‘ or looking to improve your skills, remembering new words can sometimes feel complicated and require frequent revisions! Learning vocabulary is effective and enjoyable because there are several tried-and-tested techniques to boost your memory. Here are some fun and simple hacks to help you remember new words more easily.

Create a Visual Dictionary

Our brains process visual information far quicker than text, so why not use this to relate new words to different images? Create a visual dictionary by drawing pictures or matching images showing new words’ meanings. For example, for the English word “scenery,” you could draw a colourful picture of an outdoor, naturally beautiful place or find a striking image. This technique creates a visual memory link that is easier to remember than the word alone.

Build a Memory Palace

A memory palace is a method of memory improvement that uses visualisation to organise and recall information. Choose a place that you visit often, like your home or school, and mentally associate each room with a group of words. For example, you could associate your kitchen with all food-related vocabulary. You’ll recall every word associated with each part of your memory palace as you mentally explore it. It’s a powerful tool that memory champions use, and it can be pretty fun to construct!

Use Mnemonics

Mnemonics are a great way to convert difficult-to-remember information into an easy-to-recall format. You can create acronyms (short forms made with the first letters of the words), or phrases that help you remember words. For example, to remember the word ‘acerbic’ (having a sour or bitter taste), think of the phrase “A sour berry I chew.” Mnemonics add humour or a personal connection to your learning, making it more memorable.

Learn with Songs and Rhymes

There’s a reason we remember nursery rhymes and catchy jingles for a long time—they are repetitive and rhythmic. Apply the same principle when learning new vocabulary. Create songs or rhymes with new words. This not only makes the process enjoyable but also makes it easy to remember. Music stimulates the brain’s regions that are associated with memory, which can be particularly effective.

Engage with the Language

Interacting with new words can genuinely improve your memory of them. Try to use new vocabulary in conversation, writing, or even think about it in different contexts. Join language meetups, forums, or discussion groups where you can practise regularly. The more you use the words, the better you’ll remember them.

Make Use of Flashcards

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Flashcards have always been popular for a reason: they are effective! Create flashcards for new vocabulary with the word on one side and the definition, sentence, or picture on the other. Test yourself regularly with these cards. The spaced repetition (a technique involving reviewing the information at consistently spaced intervals until it is learned) of flashcards is a scientifically backed method to enhance memory.

Teach Someone Else

They say that the best way to fully understand something is to teach it. Explain the meanings of new words to a friend or fellow learner. This strengthens your memory of it and helps clarify your understanding. Teaching is an active process, so it engages more cognitive resources, which improve memory retention.

Keep a Personal Journal

Maintain a journal to write down new words, along with their meanings and synonyms, and use them in sentences. Personalise your entries with notes about where you learned the words or how you feel about them. This personal connection can help strengthen your recall. Review your journal regularly to refresh your memory.

Play Word Games

Engage in word games like crosswords, word searches, or Scrabble. These games challenge you to actively recall vocabulary and can be a fun way to reinforce your learning. They also help you think about words in different ways, which can aid retention.

Set Realistic Goals

Finally, set achievable and specific vocabulary goals. For instance, aim to learn five new words each day rather than a large number, which is difficult to complete. Minor, consistent learning is more sustainable and effective over time.

Remember, learning vocabulary is a marathon, not a sprint. It requires patience and continuous effort. With these fun and interactive memory hacks, you can actually enjoy the journey of learning at any of the English schools in Dubai.

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