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Why Dubai Is The Best Place To Start Your Career?

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Starting your career at the right time in the right place is important to achieve maximum growth. Why not choose a destination that has shown exceptional growth in just a matter of a few years and continues to flourish? Can you guess which city we’re talking about? Yes, you got it right – it’s Dubai! There are many reasons why people love this touristy city but when it comes to building a career, Dubai has also become a popular choice for more and more expats every year due to various compelling reasons.

Quality Education

Whether you are starting your academic career or wish to take it to an advanced level, Dubai offers ample study opportunities with reputed institutions. There are a number of home-grown and overseas campuses of international universities from the UK, Australia, America, and India, among others, offering a diverse range of study programmes and modern infrastructure. You will also find the leading institute to pursue English language courses such as English for Academic Purposes and IELTS training in Dubai.

Growing Job Market

Driven by a strong and diverse economy, Dubai has emerged as a hub for trade, tourism, and finance, as well as a leading centre for innovation and entrepreneurship in different sectors. As a result, there are many job opportunities in a range of industries, including technology, hospitality, healthcare, construction, and retail. From renowned international corporations such as Google, Microsoft, IBM, Canon, and Nestle, to large UAE-based companies such as Jumeirah Group and EMAAR Properties, the city offers exceptional job and internship opportunities to start or advance your career. With the right qualifications and English language skills, you will be able to grab these opportunities.

Global Exposure

Home to a large expatriate community from different parts of the world, Dubai is a cultural hub featuring a diverse global environment. Located at the crossroads of Europe, Asia, and Africa, this city provides unique perspectives and exposure to different cultures, making it an ideal place to study, work, and live. Kickstarting your career and working in a multicultural company in Dubai will be a perfect opportunity to learn, excel and grow your professional profile.

Tax-free Country

Enjoying an exciting lifestyle without worrying about taxes – that’s the beauty of Dubai! With no complex wealth or income tax, you will be able to work, save, and live in this modern city using your skills and professional capabilities. You will also come across a number of potential opportunities to invest and gain better returns on your money.

Your Dream Lifestyle

With high-end technologies and well-managed administration, Dubai lets you live the high standard of living that everyone desires. Known for its advanced and cosmopolitan lifestyle with a mix of modern amenities and rich cultural heritage, Dubai has emerged to be one of the most liveable cities in the world, chosen by a number of expats every year from different parts of the world. Apart from world-class shopping, dining, entertainment, and sports facilities, the city is also a hub for outdoor activities, such as beach-going, desert safaris, and water sports.

Take Your First Step With ES!

ES Dubai English school aims to help you start by improving your English skills which are essential for better communication. You can also choose from our other wide range of English language and professional courses in Dubai to take your career to the next level. Along with quality language training, we will also help you find a career in this dynamic city with complete support from our dedicated Careers Office.

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