ES Dubai - Why Choose To Live and Learn English In Dubai?

Ever came across a situation when you found it difficult to understand or talk to someone? Different countries have unique native languages; presently, there are over 7100 languages worldwide. Dubai is a popular city home to expatriates from across the globe who speak diverse native languages. Although being an Arab city, English is widely used everywhere, including at public places, schools, universities, corporate or government offices, and shops. This makes English language skills essential to live in Dubai or other parts of the world.

Importance of Learning English

Whether a student or a professional in any industry, your English language skills can help you get better opportunities and career growth. If you wish to start a new job or plan to pursue higher studies abroad, knowing English will help you get along with the people around you and make new friends from different countries and cultural backgrounds. Over the internet, more than half of the online content available worldwide is in English, which makes it crucial to learn English.

Why Join English Courses in Dubai?

If you haven’t learnt English as young, it can be challenging to start with it later. So first and foremost, choose a professional language institute offering the right course that matches your knowledge level. A certified English language school in Dubai is the best place to start and learn it perfectly. You may wonder why to study in Dubai out of all the foreign countries in the world. Well, indeed, there are a few extra-ordinary benefits that learning at an English school in Dubai has got to offer:

Easy Gateway

Dubai is a highly modern and technologically advanced city in the world. With simpler entry criteria and visa processes, entering this city is easy and hassle-free. Moreover, there are various professional institutes like ES Dubai English school that provide university visas to help you get a chance to stay, study, and live in the UAE.

Cosmopolitan Community

With expats forming around 89% of the population, Dubai is cosmopolitan and home to people from more than 200 countries. The multicultural society makes it an ideal location for international students who wish to explore new cultures and make new friends from different natives. By learning English, you will be able to communicate fluently and integrate smoothly as well as quickly into this city.

Accredited Courses

The city is home to many institutes and universities offering certified courses covering everything from basic English lessons to professional courses. With degrees from widespread and trusted institutions, you can advance your career further and achieve better job opportunities in your field. At ES Dubai, we offer certified professional courses in travel and tourism, entrepreneurship, digital marketing, as well as hospitality and catering.

Scope of Employment

Whether you are already employed or looking for an excellent opportunity to start with, Dubai has a broad scope of employment in different sectors. Corporate offices and multinational companies in the city offer various opportunities to work and advance your career. From fresher internships and part-time jobs to full-time employment, you will be able to grow in your career.

Safe and Secured Place

Away from your home and wish to stay safe? Dubai should be your first choice. With low crime rates and high quality of living, Dubai has consistently ranked top as the safest city in the world. Be it normal daytime or midnight, people always feel safe walking around, travelling, or taking transportation. This is a major attraction among new international students.

Improved Lifestyle

Fun and entertainment are a part of the lifestyle for anyone living in Dubai. From the tallest building in the world and elegant beaches to luxury shopping malls, the city is full of unique and fresh activities to explore and enjoy. Joining an English course in Dubai will be much more than just studying and improving your language skills. You will be able to live, experience, and create unforgettable memories.

The Unique Approach of ES Dubai English School

At ES Dubai, we make learning English a fun and memorable journey for the students. With a team of professional and CELTA-certified teachers, who are native speakers, we make sure to provide high-quality education with a unique experience. With students from over 80 nationalities, you will be able to talk and make new friends from different countries. We organise fun-filled social activities and outdoor trips to help the students explore the city and interact with people while working on their language skills. To provide a smooth and comfortable learning experience, we offer support in 20 global languages to help students communicate easily. So join ES Dubai to learn and live the real student life you deserve.

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