ES Dubai - 7 Reasons Why Learning English is Important in Dubai

Learning a new language opens new doors, especially when living, working, and studying in a different country. When it comes to studying abroad, Dubai is the primary choice for most international students. From working part-time to studying in one of Dubai’s popular universities, the Importance of Learning English plays a major role in advancing your career. So, if you are wondering why learning English in Dubai is important, here are seven reasons why:

1. Quality of Education

Dubai’s universities are well known for their quality of education. Many universities and educational institutes in Dubai are branches of prominent universities around the globe. Therefore, the city has become the first choice for international and local students to build a professional life. By learning English, you can access world-class education from the colleges in Dubai and London. Whether you are new to English or have little experience, Dubai comes with a myriad of quality English schools offering you the best education you need.

2. Improve Your Language Skills

The majority of the universities in Dubai offer General English courses, where classes are taught by experts who have years of teaching experience and are highly qualified. So, learning or joining English courses in Dubai opens your door to attending classes taught by expert English tutors. These experts also provide you with tips and tricks to learn the language faster and better. There is a good chance for you to improve your language skills by attending an English conversation class in Dubai.

3. Internationally Accredited Courses

The English courses in Dubai’s universities are internationally accredited for beginners and advanced learners, which means that the courses are well recognized. With the focus on listening, writing, reading, and speaking skills, the course structure is designed in a way to help students build confidence and expertise in the language.

No matter where you choose to study further, your qualification will receive the highest value.

4. Better Job Opportunities

Dubai is home to numerous international companies and growing businesses. With English being the most widely spoken language for business in Dubai, the demand for English in most international companies is always there. Learning English can actually provide you with job opportunities in the future because companies need English speakers.

Whether it is handling international clients or communicating with colleagues, English breaks down the barrier in making the conversation comprehensive. Most importantly, taking a Business English course in Dubai increases the size of your potential job market effectively.

5. Easy Communication with Expatriates

The most important reason to learn English is to make communication easier with expatriates from all over the world. Like in any other country, many people come to Dubai from different parts of the world to pursue their dreams.

It is important for students to develop their communication skills in English to get recognition in the community they are living in. Students who can communicate effectively with native speakers of the language are more likely to be seen as successful future professionals.

6. New Career Opportunities

Another reason why it is important to learn English in Dubai is for getting new career opportunities. With access to the right tools and opportunities, students can learn and achieve much more than they ever thought to achieve on their own.

Once they have completed their education, expatriates who live in Dubai often have job offers to build their careers. Learning English provides them with an edge over others who don’t have an understanding of the language. Employers prioritize English-speaking applicants because they are seen as a more professional fit for the roles they are offering.

On top of that, you’ll get additional benefits by having a job in the city. Whether it is a part-time or a full-time job, you can earn a tax-free lucrative salary with free accommodation, transportation, medical claims, holiday allowance, and other bonuses.

7. Make Traveling Easier

Every student who is new to the city would love to travel around and explore their surroundings further. Learning English can make traveling easier. With a good knowledge of English, communication will never be a problem while enjoying all the thrilling experiences in Dubai.

In most places that you’ll visit in Dubai, you’ll find English important. For example, English language skills will enable you to bargain in the local shopping market. You will need to interact and understand the language of the people who are trying to sell you something. Thus, English will bridge the communication gap during your travels and sightseeing.

Why Choose ES Dubai to Learn English?

ES Dubai is the trusted platform in Dubai to learn English and become a native-level English speaker. We have highly qualified native teachers with expertise and experience in teaching English. We believe in providing the best learning environment to students from all over the world and enhancing their learning experience through meeting and making friends from different countries and cultures.

ES Dubai offers a wide range of English courses and programs, including General English, IELTS Preparation, Speaking Class, Business English, Academic Year Programme, CELTA, and much more. So, what are you waiting for? Visit, book your seat in your preferred course, and become an English language proficient! 

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