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Must-Have Content Marketing Tools and Software

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Unlocking the full potential of content marketing requires a relevant set of tools and software that every marketing specialist needs to use.

Content marketing tools and software are vital resources that aid in planning, producing, executing, optimising and analysing digital marketing activities. These solutions streamline several facets of content marketing, from content conception to performance measurement. 

Today’s blog presents some commonly used content marketing tools and software you need to obtain immediately.

Tool and Software

Writing and Editing Content
  • Grammarly. Your go-to content checker. It helps identify and amend grammar mistakes, proofread the text, discover plagiarism, and suggest better wording and sentence structure. 
  • Google Docs. This shareable software has several helpful tools to write and edit content simultaneously.
  • QuillBot. Another handy tool to paraphrase content. The tool offers synonyms for each word in case you don’t like the auto-result. 
Content and Idea Research
  • BazzSumo. This cloud-based content research tool helps find out viral topics. An additional feature allows you to discover relevant influencers for your industry and valuable insights into content performance across various social media platforms.
  • Google Trends. The information on Google Trends is massive. You may research the most searched topics, products and services and compare the results in different locations and periods.
  • AnswerThePublic. This tool will surprise you. It generates content and keyword ideas based on common questions and queries. In addition to offering content and keyword suggestions, AnswerThePublic also provides data-driven insights into user intent and the queries that your target audience is actively looking to have answered.
Content Calendar and Workflow Management
  • Buffer. An affordable content scheduling and analysing tool for social media channels. Buffer allows scheduling posts on all social media channels and a newly updated AI assistant.
  • If you want all-in-one content and workflow management software, is an excellent option. This platform offers many tools that can boost your work effectiveness.
  • Trello. You have probably seen a Kanban board with to-do lists in your office; Trello is a digital version of that board. With customisable columns and cards, Trello allows you to visualise your ideas, assign tasks and attach documents in one place.
kanban board
  • Moz. Provides SEO and keyword research results for content planning, backlink analysis, and site audits. It helps you increase the visibility of your content in search results and offers insightful information about search engine optimisation.
  • Ahrefs. It helps discover link-building opportunities website backlinks, reports on your site’s search engine performance, and analyses competition strategies.
  • Yoast SEO. At first, this fantastic SEO tool was offered only as a WordPress plugin. You may use it online to check your articles’ readability, technical optimisation, metadata and keyword analysis.
Email Marketing
  • Mailchimp. Mailchimp’s well-known email marketing platform provides tools for building, sending, and evaluating email campaigns. It is simple to use and appropriate for both newbie and expert marketers.
  • Stripo. If you are looking for a tool to design appealing and interactive email templates, Stripo offers a drag-and-drop interface, pre-designed templates, and collaborative tools.
  • Drip. For e-commerce companies, Drip is one of the best email automation programs. It offers targeted email marketing campaigns, segmentation, and sophisticated automation workflows to nurture leads and increase conversions.
Analytics and Reports
  • Google Analytics. The most popular and free web analytics tool that offers in-depth insights into website traffic and user activity. It monitors the effectiveness of your paid and organic actions, traffic sources, triggered events on the website and much more.
  • Looker Studio. You can design unique reports and dashboards using Google’s data analytics and visualisation platform. It enables marketing teams to comprehend their data and make data-driven decisions thoroughly. The reports are connected to their sources with constant live updates.
  • Clarity. See how visitors interact with your website with Microsoft’s Clarity. The recordings help you spot heatmaps and identify which pages and content work best on your website and which need an update.
ES Dubai - Must-Have Content Marketing Tools and Software

It’s crucial to keep up with the most recent trends and developments as technology develops.

These tools help marketers interact with their audiences more deeply, conduct data analysis more skillfully, and provide results rather than just being convenient. Accepting innovation, being interested, and adapting to changes are essential.

Therefore, to design tactics that resonate, engage, and inspire, keep testing, learning, and utilising these essential tools and technologies as you progress along your marketing journey. 


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