ES Dubai - Dos and Don't of Content Curation
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Dos and Don’t of Content Curation

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Content curation is like being a digital museum curator. Rather than collecting and exhibiting art, you find, organize, and share the most significant and relevant internet content (articles, videos, photos, etc.) on a specific topic or theme. It involves sorting through enormous amounts of information to choose the most valuable pieces and presenting them to your audience in an exciting and helpful style.

Whenever we share exciting videos, news and memes on our social media accounts, we are ‘curating’, sometimes forgetting about the copywriting rights of the content owner. It is essential to consider the copywriting rights of the content owners, and that’s what we will discuss today.

ES Dubai - Dos and Don't of Content Curation

Dos of Content Curation


  1. Define Your Audience and Goals: Understand your target audience’s preferences, interests, and needs. Adapt the curated content to meet their needs and your unique content objectives.
  2. Source High-Quality Content: Pick trustworthy, informative, and well-researched content. The highest objective when curating content should always be quality.
  3. Provide Value and Context: Adding context or your unique perspective can add value to your curated content. Describe how the information is essential or relevant to your readers.
  4. Attribute and Give Credit: Always give the original content creator proper credit. Give clear attribution with appropriate citations and backlinks to the source.
  5. Regularly Update Your Content: Keep your content updated to keep your audience engaged constantly.
  6. Foster Engagement and Interaction: Encourage discussions and engagement around the curated content. Respond to their comments and inquiries to add a human touch.
  7. Respect Copyright and Fair Use: Familiarize yourself with copyright laws and fair use standards. Ensure that your curation procedures adhere to legal guidelines to avoid potential legal difficulties.

Don'ts of Content Curation

  1. Don’t Plagiarize or Copy-Paste: Do not copy information from the source verbatim. Plagiarism can have adverse effects on your reputation as well as legal repercussions.
  2. Don’t Ignore Your Audience’s Feedback: Pay close attention to your audience’s comments and choices. Ignoring their feedback could result in a mismatch between the needs they have and the content you have selected.
  3. Don’t Sacrifice Quality for Quantity: Rather than overloading your audience with poor content, it is preferable to curate fewer high-quality pieces. Put quality before quantity.
  4. Don’t Use Clickbait or Misleading Headlines: Avoid sensational or deceptive titles that incorrectly describe the information you are curating. Honesty and transparency are essential.
  5. Don’t Disregard the Source’s Reputation: Avoid curating content from sources with an ill repute or bias. Before the credibility of the source, before citing it in your content.

Tools and Platforms for Content Curation

  1. Feedly: Using an RSS feed aggregator, you can subscribe to and arrange content from your preferred websites and blogs.
  2. Pocket: A bookmarking application that makes it simple to curate content over time by allowing you to save articles, videos, and other stuff to read or watch later.
  3. Flipboard: A platform for curating visually appealing material that enables you to make personalized digital magazines from articles, pictures, and videos.
  4. ContentGems: Using a content discovery and monitoring tool, you can identify and curate material based on particular keywords and interests.
  5. Curata: A marketing and content curation tool that delivers metrics to gauge the effectiveness of your chosen content curation.
  6. A content curation platform that enables you to find and distribute information while establishing your brand’s authority in your preferred area. 
  7. Pearltrees: A tool for curating visual content that enables you to arrange content into visual mind maps.
  8. Buffer: A social media management application with content curation capabilities that enables you to schedule and share selected material across several networks.
  9. ContentStudio: A platform integrating social media management, content marketing, and content curation.
  10. Mix (formerly StumbleUpon): A discovery tool that provides curated content by making personalized content recommendations based on user interests.
  11. X (Twitter) Lists: By compiling lists of pertinent Twitter users in your sector or area, you may use Twitter’s list feature to curate content.
  12. LinkedIn Showcase Pages: You can curate and publish unique content relating to your company or brand using Showcase Pages on LinkedIn.
  13. YouTube Playlists: Create YouTube playlists to collect videos on particular subjects or themes, making it more straightforward for your audience to find pertinent content.
  14. Content Aggregator Websites: Visit websites that aggregate content, such as Reddit, Digg, or Slashdot, to find out what’s hot and trending in different areas.
  15. Email Newsletters: Send a curated selection of helpful stuff to your subscribers’ email inboxes by curating and sharing content through email newsletters.

By adhering to the dos and don’ts of content curating, including identifying your target audience, finding top-notch content, and encouraging engagement, you may gain a devoted following and develop a solid reputation as a curator. On the other hand, avoiding the don’ts, such as plagiarism and failing to consider audience criticism, assures ethical curation procedures and protects your reputation.

The variety of content curation tools and platforms at your disposal also improves the effectiveness and efficiency of the process.

Remember to adapt, improve, and hold fast to the concepts that make you a curator worth following as you set out on your content-curating journey. Enjoy your curating!


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