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The Powerful Legacy of Shakespeare on Today’s English

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Today, let’s have fun discovering how a famous writer from a long time ago, William Shakespeare, still influences how we speak and enjoy stories today. Shakespeare wrote many plays and invented lots of new words and phrases. Even after over 400 years, his plays and words still resonate with us, shaping how we speak and write today. Whether you’re new to Shakespeare or a curious learner pursuing our English courses, this journey through his influence will be enlightening and enjoyable.

William Shakespeare is a popular playwright and poet in the English language. His works, written during the late 16th and early 17th centuries, are celebrated for their poetic excellence, depth of human insight, and profound influence on English literature and language. From creating the iconic Globe Theatre to becoming the chief playwright for The King’s Men, Shakespeare dedicated his life to crafting plays that remain unmatched in their emotional and literary appeal.

Shakespeare, the Word Inventor

Shakespeare was like a magician with words. Did you know that he holds the credit for inventing over 1,700 words? That’s right! Many of the words we use today—like eyeball, fashionable, assassination, bedazzled, and even gossip—were first penned by him. Imagine talking about your feelings without the word ‘lonely’ or describing something in style without saying it’s ‘fashionable’! By blending Latin and Saxon roots, Shakespeare created terms that became commonly used in the English language. He had a unique power to use words or phrases to express complex emotions or describe the details of scenes. This linguistic creativity enriched English literature, making it more expressive and colourful.

Phrases We Use Today

Not only did Shakespeare invent new words, but he also created phrases that we use all the time, such as “break the ice” or “heart of gold.” These phrases help us describe things and situations easily. So, the next time you make new friends and start a conversation, remember Shakespeare helped you “break the ice”!

Shakespeare in Modern Media

Shakespeare’s stories have been adapted across various media, from films, ballet, and TV shows to web series. His stories about love, bravery, and friendship are timeless, which means they never get old. Movies like ‘The Lion King’ are similar to Shakespeare’s play ‘Hamlet.’ Each adaptation reinterprets the original, making it relevant to new audiences and different cultures. His plays have been translated into many languages, showing that his tales of adventure, love, and mystery are universal. This universal appeal makes his stories and characters adaptable in diverse cultural contexts, from Bollywood movies to Korean dramas.

Daily Language

Shakespeare’s influence is so strong that we often use his language without knowing it. Phrases from his plays describe feelings and situations perfectly, even today. When you’re searching for something challenging, you’re on a “wild goose chase,” just like in his plays.

Learning with Shakespeare

Studying Shakespeare can be very exciting. His plays let us understand more about people and the world. Reading his plays in class can feel like putting together a puzzle, and it’s fun to act out the scenes. Learning Shakespeare’s old-fashioned English can be a playful activity. It’s like learning a secret code! Here are some of the epics by William Shakespeare!

Tips for Beginners

  1. Watch Simple Plays: Start with modern adaptations of Shakespeare’s plays that use easier language.
  2. Use Phrases in Conversation: Try using Shakespearean phrases to get comfortable with them in your daily conversations.
  3. Story Summaries: Before reading a play, read a summary to understand the story better. This will make the original play less confusing.
  4. Group Discussions: Discuss what you’ve learned about Shakespeare with friends or classmates. This helps you remember and understand better.

Through his works, Shakespeare helps us to express our thoughts and feelings in beautiful ways. As you learn more English, you’ll see how much fun it is to spot Shakespeare’s influence in everyday life. Shakespeare is not just a part of history; he’s a part of our language and culture. Join our course in Dubai to learn and improve your English!

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