All About Halloween

The spooky season of the year and a popular festival celebrated on October 31 – Halloween. But do you know how the Halloween festival started? The usual Halloween celebrations include decorating the houses with scary props such as spider webs, bats, ghosts, and skeletons, getting dressed up in different costumes and going around trick-or-treating. This year, we will help you learn a little about this spooky festival and how it all started.

History of Halloween Celebrations

To start with, the name Halloween is ‘All Hallows Eve,’ defining the evening before the holy ‘All Saints Day’ celebration on November 1. The widely known origin of the Halloween celebration is linked to the ancient Celtic festival of ‘Samhain’, which begins on October 31 evening to November 1. It was observed by the Celts, who lived around 2000 years ago in the UK, Ireland and northern France region. This day was considered the end of the harvesting season and the beginning of a dark, cold winter, considered to be deathlike. It was also believed that at this time, the boundary between the living and dead worlds would be thin, and the souls of the dead could return to the human world for a short period. So, people would dress up in spooky costumes like ghosts, goblins, and witches to ward off the returning spirits.

Scary Costumes, Trick-or-Treat and Jack-O’-Lanterns

This evening was believed to be haunted because of the visiting otherworldly spirits. Dressing up like scary ghosts, demons, and other spooky characters was a trick to disguise in front of the real spirits. As the Celts believed that the returning ghosts would cause mischiefs like damaging the crops, bonfires to sacrifice animals were practiced as a ritual to please the spirit worlds. However, the trick-or-treat tradition is very recent, where Halloween became more about dressing up in costumes and celebrating the night with food and bonfires. People, especially kids, dressed in scary costumes would go around houses singing and dancing to get treats in the form of food and sweets.

The tradition of making lanterns by carving ghost faces on pumpkins is believed to be based on an Irish folktale of ‘Stingy Jack’. According to the mythological story, a mischievous man named Jack tricked the devil so many times that he was neither accepted in heaven nor hell upon his death. Instead, he was left to wander with just one burning coal to light up his turnip lantern. This was adopted by people making scary faces on turnips to create lanterns to scare the wandering Jack and other evil spirits during Halloween. When this tradition reached America through immigrants, the native fruit pumpkin became a widely used item to make Jack O’ Lanterns.

The Halloween Fun at ES Dubai

Having a multicultural community at our English language school, we make English courses a fun journey with different activities and events to let them explore. From spooky decorations creating a haunted mood within the school to fun scary movie night for the students, the Halloween vibe was created days before the celebration. With lots of fun games, sweets, music, costume parade with exciting prizes, Halloween 2022 turned to be a blast at ES Dubai.

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Why Choose To Live and Learn English In Dubai?

Ever came across a situation when you found it difficult to understand or talk to someone? Different countries have unique native languages; presently, there are over 7100 languages worldwide. Dubai is a popular city home to expatriates from across the globe who speak diverse native languages. Although being an Arab city, English is widely used everywhere, including at public places, schools, universities, corporate or government offices, and shops. This makes English language skills essential to live in Dubai or other parts of the world.

Importance of Learning English

Whether a student or a professional in any industry, your English language skills can help you get better opportunities and career growth. If you wish to start a new job or plan to pursue higher studies abroad, knowing English will help you get along with the people around you and make new friends from different countries and cultural backgrounds. Over the internet, more than half of the online content available worldwide is in English, which makes it crucial to learn English.

Why Join English Courses in Dubai?

If you haven’t learnt English as young, it can be challenging to start with it later. So first and foremost, choose a professional language institute offering the right course that matches your knowledge level. A certified English language school in Dubai is the best place to start and learn it perfectly. You may wonder why to study in Dubai out of all the foreign countries in the world. Well, indeed, there are a few extra-ordinary benefits that learning at an English school in Dubai has got to offer:

Easy Gateway

Dubai is a highly modern and technologically advanced city in the world. With simpler entry criteria and visa processes, entering this city is easy and hassle-free. Moreover, there are various professional institutes like ES Dubai English school that provide university visas to help you get a chance to stay, study, and live in the UAE.

Cosmopolitan Community

With expats forming around 89% of the population, Dubai is cosmopolitan and home to people from more than 200 countries. The multicultural society makes it an ideal location for international students who wish to explore new cultures and make new friends from different natives. By learning English, you will be able to communicate fluently and integrate smoothly as well as quickly into this city.

Accredited Courses

The city is home to many institutes and universities offering certified courses covering everything from basic English lessons to professional courses. With degrees from widespread and trusted institutions, you can advance your career further and achieve better job opportunities in your field. At ES Dubai, we offer certified professional courses in travel and tourism, entrepreneurship, digital marketing, as well as hospitality and catering.

Scope of Employment

Whether you are already employed or looking for an excellent opportunity to start with, Dubai has a broad scope of employment in different sectors. Corporate offices and multinational companies in the city offer various opportunities to work and advance your career. From fresher internships and part-time jobs to full-time employment, you will be able to grow in your career.

Safe and Secured Place

Away from your home and wish to stay safe? Dubai should be your first choice. With low crime rates and high quality of living, Dubai has consistently ranked top as the safest city in the world. Be it normal daytime or midnight, people always feel safe walking around, travelling, or taking transportation. This is a major attraction among new international students.

Improved Lifestyle

Fun and entertainment are a part of the lifestyle for anyone living in Dubai. From the tallest building in the world and elegant beaches to luxury shopping malls, the city is full of unique and fresh activities to explore and enjoy. Joining an English course in Dubai will be much more than just studying and improving your language skills. You will be able to live, experience, and create unforgettable memories.

The Unique Approach of ES Dubai English School

At ES Dubai, we make learning English a fun and memorable journey for the students. With a team of professional and CELTA-certified teachers, who are native speakers, we make sure to provide high-quality education with a unique experience. With students from over 80 nationalities, you will be able to talk and make new friends from different countries. We organise fun-filled social activities and outdoor trips to help the students explore the city and interact with people while working on their language skills. To provide a smooth and comfortable learning experience, we offer support in 20 global languages to help students communicate easily. So join ES Dubai to learn and live the real student life you deserve.

Top 8 Reasons to Study in the Dubai

Dubai is home to world-class universities for students who want to study abroad and live an international student life. The city is known for its incredible diversity, luxurious lifestyle, and quality education. It has become a hub for expats, tourists, and, international students who want to build their careers in their respective fields of interest. It’s worth looking at the top 8 reasons to study in Dubai through this article.

1. Well-known Universities

Dubai is home to some of the Middle East’s best universities which include among the top 500 according to the Global QS ranking. Three universities in Dubai ranked in the top 50 in the Middle East. The university’s programs undergo regular reviews by the UAE ministry of education as well as international accreditation bodies to ensure students get the best education.

2. Employment Opportunities

Dubai ranks among the best economies globally. With the increase in trade and tourism, socio-economic development and growth are considerable. So, students get employment opportunities to have a job after completing their studies.

It’s not surprising that Dubai is home to some of the world’s best companies, including Microsoft, Oracle, and HP. Studying in Dubai will be worthwhile to build a lifetime career.

3. Diverse Culture

Dubai has a diverse culture with different ethnicities, cultures, and nationalities. Thus, it becomes a universal city and everyone, including students, has opportunities to make the most of their lives.

Dubai is a perfect example of a global village with citizens from more than 90 nationalities. Different ethnicities, cultures, and nationalities have transformed Dubai into a universal city and everyone, including students, has opportunities to make the most of their lives. Multiculturalism in Dubai makes it easier for students to meet new people and make friends.

4. Safe Environment

Reasons to Study in the Dubai

Another reason to choose to study in Dubai is because of the safe environment of the city. Dubai has a high level of security and stability managed by law enforcement agencies in Dubai. They ensure everyone should feel safest in the city including students, whether it is natives or expats. When compared to other countries in the Arab World, the cities of UAE including Dubai and Abu Dhabi have the lowest crime rates making them a safe place for students to live and study. 

5. Endless Possibilities

Dubai brings endless possibilities for students. It covers a myriad of interesting features, including the diverse culture, Arab traditions, local people’s lifestyle, picturesque beaches, desert safari, business opportunities, etc.

Moreover, once you complete your studies in one of Dubai’s colleges or universities, you are allowed to stay in the country and leverage the endless possibilities to build your professional career. 

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6. Explore New Cultures and Experiences

Dubai is established with its thriving economy, rich heritage, modern designs, and welcoming culture. With unique cultures and attractions, there is plenty to explore and discover in the city.

You can choose to go for outdoor activities. If you prefer to rest and relax in your spare time, you can find perfect places to cool off and go traveling.

7. Affordable Living

The expenses of the students in their home countries are generally high which restricts them to achieve their goals. With the quality education system in Dubai providing different programs at the most affordable prices, students can study at tax-free policies and live happily. Tuition fees, accommodation expenses, on the on-campus and off-campus living of students are affordable.

8. Stunning Off-Campus Life

Studying in Dubai allows students to meet people from hundreds of nationalities. The city provides a stunning off-campus life because of its universal model. There are numerous outdoor activities that students can enjoy including parachuting, dune bashing, quad biking, trekking, hiking, water sports, etc. At the same time, students can shop for their favorite items in more than 70 shopping centers or visit traditional souks to buy souvenirs.

Learn English By Experienced Professionals 

If you want to learn English, ESDubai is the one-stop solution for you. We are providing a range of courses including General English, IELTS Preparation, Speaking Class, Academic Year Programme, Business English, and CELTA. At EsDubai, all our teachers are native English speakers who are qualified and experienced in teaching and in helping you learn English using digital classroom technology.

With over 80 nationalities at ESDubai and also, you’ll be sure to broaden your horizons and enjoy being a part of a global community. You can choose from courses that fit your goals and dreams when it comes to learning a language.

So, what are you waiting for? Learn & Become fluent in English.  

Tips For Students Who Want To Study In UAE

We understand how exciting it is to study abroad, especially when it is about studying in the UAE, one of the most preferred destinations across the globe. You get a chance to explore a new part of the world, make new friends, and most importantly you will get exposure to develop valuable life skills. But it works out only when you are confident enough to face any situation or issue that you might encounter while you stay there. So, to help you out, here we are suggesting some must-known tips for students who want to study in the UAE. But before we head towards the tips, first take a look at the most essential things you should know before you apply to study abroad:

Things To Know Before Studying Abroad

Be it UAE, the USA, or any other top-listed country. You must know the initial rules of studying abroad. So, with that said, take a look at some important things you should know before studying abroad: 

  • Make it clear where you desire to study along with the course you would like to pursue. 
  • Learn about the study programs required to get to the country as a scholar (what, why, and how).
  • Your passport is a must. You need to apply for it before you apply for studying abroad. 
  • Consider to council through a study counselor.
  • Studying abroad is not cheap, be assured of the finances and tuition fee since it is one of the biggest concerns for you and your parents. 
  • English is a universal language, and taking General English classes can help you master your communication skills as it is the only way that will help you survive in a foreign land. 
  • Health insurance is a must. So before you move abroad, make sure to schedule a doctor’s appointment to get any necessary medicated shots that are compulsory for scholars who came abroad to study. 
  • Knowing your target country’s rules and regulations are must for successful survival. So, make sure to learn all about the country.  

Now let’s take a look at some important tips that will help you understand some most vital points if you want to study in UAE:

Important Tips For Students Who Want To Study in UAE

There is nothing hidden besides UAE’s astonishing infrastructure, amazing tourism centers, and economy. It is famously known for offering great higher education too. Be it from an architectural perspective or management, UAE ranked fourth (4) in terms of quality education and first (1) in terms of sustainable development. So, if your goal is to study UAE then you can consider the below-mentioning tips from our in-house English teachers:

1. Visa Sponsorship by Relatives/ Higher Institutions-

In UAE, student residence visas are often sponsored either by the university or by the citizen relative. These residence visas are needed to be renewed annually as sponsored visas are valid for no longer than one year.  

Once receiving an official admission letter from the college/ institution to which you have applied. You have to fill some common requirements like: 

  • Passing certification of your medical test 
  • You have to get approval from the GDRFA(General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs)
  • Having a university or national resident sponsor your visa
  • You under graduation degree certification 
  • Further documents such as (tuition fees, and visa receipts). 

So, it is recommended to be prepared with all requirements so when demanded you will be ready to offer it right on time. 

2. Right Management of Living Expenses-

You must be aware of how expensive UAE is in terms of living. Therefore it is highly essential to make a mindful budget plan. Although the living expenses will depend on your lifestyle along with the location you prefer to live in. 

We recommend you to go for the accommodations offered by your institution first, but since such seats are limited in number so you might be required to find a private place.

If such a thing happens, then you must choose the location wisely. The best part of studying in the UAE is you can be independent and will get exposure to multiple opportunities in one place. 

Many students who want to study in UAE support their standard of living and compensate for their expenses by performing multiple job opportunities for part-time or full-time work without hampering their studies. You can check out Budget-friendly student stay at ES Dubai. We offer students stay in their comfort, within budget, and as per their requirements.

3. Attention to English/Communication Skills is Important

As we stated above, knowing English is a must. No matter where you go this would be your savior to survive in a foreign emirate as a student from abroad. Taking the Speaking class will be helpful if you want to boost your communication confidence. 

English is super important no matter where you live, study or work. Conversation skill helps in making discussion meaningful and clear to understand. It also helps students in presenting themselves better, building trust, discussing, and increasing engagement not just at their workplace but in daily life too. 

4. Student Scholarship-

Student Scholarship is an important aspect that helps scholars to get their education funded based on their academic rankings and GPA. Usually, this funding has been offered by the UAE government body, however, there are also private universities that offer scholarship programs to students who want to study in UAE. 

Although such private universities demand high payments sometimes low fees and some do offer fair fees. Therefore, it is crucial to choose the correct institution based on your preferred subject, the budget you can afford as well as (if available) scholarship you can get. 

The maximum tuition fee amount offered by the UAE Ministry scholarship scheme is more than $3,200 including multiple other scholarly utility expenses such as Books, clothes, flight tickets, medical benefits, and so on. 

Yet, there’s another way through which scholars can finance themselves i.e. by working either part-time or full-time at UAE-based firms. Several UAE-based companies are aware of scholars’ part or full-time availability and welcome the concept to hire students who came to study in the UAE. 

The list of (Govt.) UAE Scholarship sponsor bodies that support student scholarship funding:

  • Abu Dhabi Department of Education and Knowledge (ADEK) 
  • Abu Dhabi Investment Authority (ADIA) 
  • Ministry of Education (MOE) 
  • Diwan His Highness Sheik Sultan (DHHSS)
  • United Arab Emirates University (UAEU)
  • Dubai Government- HH The Rulers Court (DIWD)

5. Some of The Finest Universities in UAE-

It is important to be clear about what your aim is, what you want to pursue, from where you would like to pursue it, and whether would it be the best in terms of future perspective or not. Asking such questions will help you to evaluate better which university would be the best fit for you. Below we are listing some top-notch universities in UAE:

  • United Arab Emirates University
  • Khalifa University
  • Middlesex University Dubai 
  • American University of Sharjah
  • Abu Dhabi University
  • Canadian University of Dubai
  • American University of Ras Al Khaimah

6. Right Medical Health Insurance-

Alike every other economically strong country, UAE also promotes high health care infrastructure. As UAE has the world’s finest medical infrastructure, it makes having health insurance important for ex-pats to secure sponsorship in UAE. For every international scholar, medical insurance is a great way of health security in case any mishappening happened to them. 

In UAE, emirates such as Dubai and Abu Dhabi it is in law to have medical insurance compulsory for all. Whereas in other emirates such medical law does not implies. For ex-pats, only native sponsors or employers are accountable for their medical insurance. Therefore, it is recommended to students acknowledge healthcare at first and make sure to get their medical health insurance in the first place.  

Break Communication Barrier By Learning English Today!

Good in writing and know basic grammar rules can read well, but failed to communicate correctly? If you find communication a barrier then it’s time to wave goodbye to your communication issue. 

Here at ES Dubai, we have our highly experienced in-house CELTA qualified tutors who came from globally diverse cities and are passionate to taught students and improving their communication skills by offering high-quality teaching. 

Learning English would never be so fun and an unforgettable experience. Join our Dubai & London speaking class today and break your communication barrier and conversate with confidence within a few weeks of class. 

The Importance of Learning English in Dubai (7 Reasons Why)

Learning a new language opens new doors, especially when living, working, and studying in a different country. When it comes to studying abroad, Dubai is the primary choice for most international students. From working part-time to studying in one of Dubai’s popular universities, the Importance of Learning English plays a major role in advancing your career. So, if you are wondering why learning English in Dubai is important, here are seven reasons why:

1. Quality of Education

Dubai’s universities are well known for their quality of education. Many universities and educational institutes in Dubai are branches of prominent universities around the globe. Therefore, the city has become the first choice for international and local students to build a professional life. By learning English, you can access world-class education from the colleges in Dubai and London. Whether you are new to English or have little experience, Dubai comes with a myriad of quality English schools offering you the best education you need.

2. Improve Your Language Skills

The majority of the universities in Dubai offer general English courses, where classes are taught by experts who have years of teaching experience and are highly qualified. So, learning or joining English courses in Dubai opens your door to attending classes taught by expert English tutors. These experts also provide you with tips and tricks to learn the language faster and better. There is a good chance for you to improve your language skills by attending an English conversation class in Dubai.

3. Internationally Accredited Courses

The English courses in Dubai’s universities are internationally accredited for beginners and advanced learners, which means that the courses are well recognized. With the focus on listening, writing, reading, and speaking skills, the course structure is designed in a way to help students build confidence and expertise in the language.

No matter where you choose to study further, your qualification will receive the highest value.

4. Better Job Opportunities

Dubai is home to numerous international companies and growing businesses. With English being the most widely spoken language for business in Dubai, the demand for English in most international companies is always there. Learning English can actually provide you with job opportunities in the future because companies need English speakers.

Whether it is handling international clients or communicating with colleagues, English breaks down the barrier in making the conversation comprehensive. Most importantly, taking a Business English course in Dubai increases the size of your potential job market effectively.

5. Easy Communication with Expatriates

The most important reason to learn English is to make communication easier with expatriates from all over the world. Like in any other country, many people come to Dubai from different parts of the world to pursue their dreams.

It is important for students to develop their communication skills in English to get recognition in the community they are living in. Students who can communicate effectively with native speakers of the language are more likely to be seen as successful future professionals.

6. New Career Opportunities

Another reason why it is important to learn English in Dubai is for getting new career opportunities. With access to the right tools and opportunities, students can learn and achieve much more than they ever thought to achieve on their own.

Once they have completed their education, expatriates who live in Dubai often have job offers to build their careers. Learning English provides them with an edge over others who don’t have an understanding of the language. Employers prioritize English-speaking applicants because they are seen as a more professional fit for the roles they are offering.

On top of that, you’ll get additional benefits by having a job in the city. Whether it is a part-time or a full-time job, you can earn a tax-free lucrative salary with free accommodation, transportation, medical claims, holiday allowance, and other bonuses.

7. Make Traveling Easier

Every student who is new to the city would love to travel around and explore their surroundings further. Learning English can make traveling easier. With a good knowledge of English, communication will never be a problem while enjoying all the thrilling experiences in Dubai.

In most places that you’ll visit in Dubai, you’ll find English important. For example, English language skills will enable you to bargain in the local shopping market. You will need to interact and understand the language of the people who are trying to sell you something. Thus, English will bridge the communication gap during your travels and sightseeing.

Why Choose ES Dubai to Learn English?

10ES Dubai is the trusted platform in Dubai to learn English and become a native-level English speaker. We have highly qualified native teachers with expertise and experience in teaching English. We believe in providing the best learning environment to students from all over the world and enhancing their learning experience through meeting and making friends from different countries and cultures.

ES Dubai offers a wide range of English courses and programs, including General English, IELTS Preparation, Speaking Class, Business English, Academic Year Programme, CELTA, and much more. So, what are you waiting for? Visit, book your seat in your preferred course, and become an English language proficient! 

10 Reasons to Choose Dubai for an International Student Life

While Dubai is full of exciting places for tourists to travel to, it is also a desirable destination for international students who are looking to study abroad in top-notch educational institutions. More and more students choosing Dubai for international student life are you looking to study in Dubai, considering its excellent education system, inspiring architecture, and friendly community?

Dubai is a city of world-class universities with a vibrant campus life that encourage different ethnicities and nationalities. So, if you are wondering why should you choose to live an international student life in Dubai, then look no further! This article provides you with Tan reasons for considering Dubai to pursue further studies.

1. Opportunity to study at renowned universities

Dubai is home to a number of universities that are world-renowned, providing an exceptional opportunity for students with a wide array of academic branches to choose from. Amidst a growing economy and expat community, the university campuses are well designed for international students, providing facilities similar to their European or Canadian counterparts.

If your dream is to study at one of the best universities in the region, Dubai can make this possible for you.

2. Living a luxurious lifestyle

Dubai is known to offer an expensive and lavish lifestyle experience. In a city complete with gigantic shopping malls, fancy neighborhoods, high-end restaurants, and cafes, you can enjoy your day to the fullest with your friends in the utmost comfort and luxury.

Dubai is a fully developed city with incredible skyscrapers and infrastructure. Whether it is over-the-top residences or hotels, Dubai is home to world-class buildings and structures. 

3. Desirable accommodation for students

Finding the right accommodation in a foreign land is the most important part when studying abroad. The good news is that Dubai has plenty of accommodation options, so students can pick whatever fits their budget and requirements.

From budget apartments to luxury villas, there are lots of options to choose from. A lot of international students prefer to pick the on or off-campus accommodations arranged by their universities, which are affordable and well-maintained. Students can get a huge advantage by choosing in or off-campus accommodation because they can be closer to the campus and more pocket-friendly.

4. Study for a Degree in English

Studying abroad in a different country comes with the burden of learning the local language in order to understand the course’s study material. Fortunately, English, which is a widely spoken language all around the world, is also the most commonly spoken language in Dubai. English is one of the main languages for education and business and is also easier to learn than the more complicated languages.

So, studying for a degree in English makes it easier to go for further education. As an international student, if you don’t understand English, then Learning English provides you with opportunities to work, study and live in Dubai without any fear of communication with the local community.

The UAE education system is influenced by the western education system and that’s why you don’t have to worry for a second if you are well versed in reading and writing English.

All course materials are available in English and you can earn your international degree in English, right from Dubai. All the teachers and lecturers in the schools and colleges of Dubai are well equipped with the knowledge of English since they manage lots of international students in their classes.

5. Safe to study, work and live

UAE has an incredibly diverse expat community and is highly appreciated for being one of the safest countries in the world. The crime index of Dubai is 16.30, which is much better when compared to other cities like Los Angeles, London, Berlin, and Sydney.

Any sort of crime proceeds to Dubai court way quicker in comparison to many developed countries. You can therefore have peace of mind when studying, working, and living in Dubai or basically, in the UAE. This is why international students enjoy a more vivacious social life in Dubai than anywhere else in the world.

6. Discounts for students

By owning a student ID card in Dubai, you are eligible for tons of attractive student discounts. If you learn to use them properly, it becomes easier to reduce your living cost considerably.

Students can get a special discount on their metro rides. There are also offers and discounts provided by many cafes and restaurants to students for enhancing their customer base. With just the use of a student ID card, you can enjoy a meal at those eateries.

There are many gyms and retail shops that offer more or less 10% flat discounts for students. So, an international student’s life becomes way more attractive and affordable in Dubai with the use of international student ID cards.

7. Golden Visa for International Students

The UAE government has introduced a new Golden Visa scheme in an attempt to welcome more and more talented students and their families from around the world. An eligible student, along with their family members, can apply under the special scheme to be granted a 10-year resident visa in UAE.

This special student visa scheme is particularly helpful in paving the way for international students who are willing to pursue their higher studies in Dubai or the UAE.

8. Work Opportunities for International Students

To reduce the financial burden when studying abroad in Dubai, international students are allowed to take part-time jobs, which helps cover living expenses while studying in the city. The universities in Dubai offer on-campus jobs throughout the year and off-campus jobs during summer vacations. With a good monthly salary, students can have the opportunity to do various types of part-time jobs.

9. Secured Future after Finishing the Course

Every student wants a promising job after completing their course and Dubai is an exciting city to start or progress your career. The good news is that there are both national and international firms in Dubai that can provide you with promising job offers.

Salaries are also well-deserved based on talent and are exempt from income tax, so you can earn big and save even bigger.

10. Learn English Faster from Professionals

Want to learn English from professionals? ES Dubai can help you! We have highly qualified native teachers who are qualified and experienced in teaching and in helping you learn English using digital classroom technology.

With over 80 nationalities at ES and also, you’ll be sure to broaden your horizons and enjoy being a part of a global community. You can choose from courses that fit your goals and dreams when it comes to learning a language.

So, what are you waiting for? Don’t miss this chance to study and become fluent in English in one of the world’s most desirable cities!

ES wins in the MEA Markets UAE Business Awards

Bill Gates once said, “to win big, you sometimes have to take big risks.” We saw a gap in the market, took a risk, and since then, there has been no looking back for ES Dubai! We are so excited about our recent win in the MEA Markets 2019 UAE Business Awards, where ES Dubai was awarded the best English Language School and Most Innovative Woman in Education. Read more here! (

Discovering Hatta

Adventure, friendship and exploring new horizons… This was exactly what our students experienced recently when they visited Hatta!  Located 115 km from Dubai, Hatta’s stunning mountains and wadis offer fun and interactive leisure activities. Our students got the chance to socialize, try some exciting activities together, and take their English language learning out of the classroom!

International Day at ES Dubai

Nothing brings people together like the magic of food! With students from over 70 nationalities learning English at ES Dubai, our student community is truly diverse. It was no surprise that our International Day reflected our school’s amazing multicultural vibe, with students from Central Asia sharing their delicious delicacies with us. We loved trying out some new flavors!

A World of Virtual Reality !

Dubai is full of endless attractions, making our super popular social programme consistently exciting! Fancy being virtually propelled down the towering Burj Khalifa or leaping out of the piercing blue sky as you skydive down stunning aerial views of the city? Our students experienced all this and more at VR park, an incredible reality park in Dubai Mall that is the perfect choice for some indoor adventure!

Dubai is full of endless attractions, making our super popular social programme consistently exciting! Fancy being virtually propelled down the towering Burj Khalifa or leaping out of the piercing blue sky as you skydive down stunning aerial views of the city? Our students experienced all this and more at VR park, an incredible reality park in Dubai Mall that is the perfect choice for some indoor adventure!