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Although Arabic is the official language in the UAE, visitors to Dubai will find that English is the most widely spoken language for business, education, trade and tourism.


Lightweight summer clothing is ideal with a wrap, sweater or jacket for cooler winter nights and air-conditioned premises. Although the dress code in the UAE is generally casual, people dress formally in the evening.



Although an Islamic country, the UAE respects other religions and followers are allowed to practice their beliefs. There are Hindu temples and Catholic, Anglican and Protestant churches in Dubai.



Dubai enjoys an arid subtropical climate, with blue skies and sunshine all year round. Temperatures range from lows of 1OoC to extreme summer highs of 48oC.



Dubai is within the top 1O safest cities in the world for expatriates. This is reflected in its very low crime index and high standard of living. Students should be respectful of the law as the nation has a zero-tolerance policy towards illegal substance use.



Public transport in Dubai is divided into land transport, which comprises buses, metro, taxis and a tram system, as well as marine transport, which includes water taxis, waterbuses and a ferry.

in Dubai!

Dubai is the only place in the word where you can enjoy jet-skiing, snow skiing, a desert safari, scuba diving and a hot air balloon ride all in one day! Living in Dubai has a lot to offer. It is safe, politically stable, centrally located, has a good education system and healthcare facilities, modern infrastructure and endless places to explore.

In Dubai the sun shines all year round, the shopping and leisure facilities are world-class and the salaries are tax-free. Living in Dubai is always exciting because something new and different is always taking place. As a city that is constantly on the move, Dubai is always striving for greater heights and better facilities and comfort for its residents and visitors..


3.43 million

Dubai estimated population

5th best city

to live in the world

828 metres

the tallest building in the world

202 nationalities

in the UAE’s labour market

Top sights:
  • 1. World Islands
  • 2. Palm Jumeirah
  • 3. Burj Al Arab
  • 4. JBR
  • 5. Marina & JLT
  • 6. Old Dubai
  • 7. Dubai Frame
  • 8. Burj Khalifa
  • 9. Miracle Garden
  • 10. Helicopter tour
  • 11. Desert Safari