ES Dubai - 6 Simple Tips To Help You Learn English Quickly

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6 Simple Tips To Help You Learn English Quickly

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English is a fun language that can help you connect easily with people from different parts of the world. Whether you wish to study, work, travel, or just explore Dubai, learning the most-spoken global language, English, opens the door to a number of opportunities. However, in this technologically advanced world, we need everything quick and easy, so do you want to speed up your English learning process and be better at it? Here are some sure-fire tips to help you learn English quickly:

Read As Much As Possible

The first step to learning English is knowing as many words as possible, and there is no other better way than reading to learn new words and improve your English vocabulary. Whether it’s just bits and pieces of words or long-form essays, read all the texts you find around you. This will not only introduce you to many new words but will also help you revise the words you already know.

Learn with Pictures

During childhood, our books and learning materials usually have many images and bright colours. This is because images or visuals have been scientifically proven to be more helpful for the brain to learn new information. So, next time you are learning a new word in English, try to use a picture to relate it with and memorise the word. Learning different words in this way will make it much easier to remember, recall, and increase your vocabulary skills. 

Speak, Talk and Interact

The main motive for learning a language is to use it efficiently for communication, and speaking with your existing language knowledge will help you identify where you need improvement. Use all opportunities to talk and practise your English conversational skills with people around you. Speaking tasks and activities form a significant part of any English courses in Dubai

Make it Entertaining

Today, world-class television shows, movies, and all other media are just a click away. You can find the best shows from the world and watch them in your preferred global language and even enjoy them to the fullest with subtitles. However, if you are really serious about learning English, skip the ease of watching English shows in your preferred language audio track or subtitles and watch them with their original English audio and subtitles. This will help improve your English skills by listening and becoming familiar with many new words and different accents.

10 Minutes of Writing Daily

Just 10 minutes a day of writing can show wondrous results in your language-learning journey. Get in the habit of writing a simple paragraph every day on any topic of your choice, such as your daily life events, things you like, your dreams, and more. Learning a new word every day and using it while writing can help improve your memory and vocabulary skills. This will be useful to brush up on your existing English skills and help you learn new words, grammar, and other language rules.

Go Abroad

Learning a language becomes quicker when you have to practise it daily. Living in a foreign place, especially a cosmopolitan city like Dubai, is the best way to learn and practise English and get broader global exposure. By meeting people from different parts of the world, you will get to communicate and learn a lot more than just English.

Learn With ES!​​

At ES, we always encourage our students to speak and interact with their fellow students and our native English-speaking teachers to make mistakes and learn English on the go.

Come to ES Dubai to learn English, enjoy, explore, and experience the most memorable experience of your life learning at the best international English institute!

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