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Booking your course at ES Dubai cannot be easier. We have an interactive online registration system as well as a wide network of international agents, who could assist you every step of the way.

In order to finalise your enrolment you are required to take an online placement test before arrival. This test will allow us to place you in the right level and organise your study plan according to your learning objectives.

Once your assessment is complete we will confirm your place and you can proceed with the visa application process.

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Short Term Student Visa

Visas for students enrolled in short courses will be processed under the Education Visitor Visa category. These Visas are also renewable if students desire to extend their study period with us.

Processing time: 1 to 2 weeks

Visa Length: 3 months, renewable once at the school, for the same length, for a total of 180 days.

Requirements to apply:

• Completed application form
• High resolution passport copy scanned – passport should have validity of 6 months when applying for a Student Visa
• High resolution passport photo scanned
• Copy of visa fees receipt paid

What happens when the visa is approved?

• Once approved, students are issued a digital Student Entry Permit’ which they print and take with them to show immigration upon departure in their home country.
• Upon arrival in the UAE students need to show the Student Entry Permit to the immigration officer, who will stamp the permit with the entry date.
• The short term student visa does not get stamped in the passport.

It is recommended that students apply as soon as possible as delays may result in not being able to enrol for the chosen date. The school also encourages students to buy their flight tickets after obtaining the visa entry.

Can my visa get rejected?

If your visa is refused, all fees will be refunded except non-refundable charges (registration fees, bank charges, courier fees and visa charges).

Although visa rejections are uncommon, the school cannot guarantee a student visa will be granted. Most rejection cases happen on the basis of security, as all applications undergo a security check by UAE government authorities, which is outside the control of the school.

What happens when I finish my course?

As your sponsor in this country you are only allowed to keep your visa with us for the period of your studies plus the holiday allowance. Once your course is finished you must arrange your return flights, change visa status, or renew your studies at ES in which case you can keep your visa.

The school requires a refundable deposit for 3 and 6 month’s visas, which is returned upon leaving the school at the end of your studies.

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