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An international study experience at ES Camps is the perfect opportunity to meet new people, broaden your perspective and grow your global network.

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Modern technology, passionate teachers, exciting lesson plans! Our high standard of language instruction in state-of-art facilities means that you get the best learning experience possible.

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We choose the best itineraries and the best tickets! Our certified, expert tour guides have designed a thrilling activities programme, taking students on unforgettable trips to incredible attractions around your chosen destination!

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ES Camps chooses amazing locations, offering a complete student immersion experience and exposure to new ideas and adventures!

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Gain invaluable life skills, discover new pathways for personal growth and enhance a sense of independence!

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Luxury is in the experience! Everything about ES Camps is rooted in comfort – from the facilities we provide to the excursions we organize!

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Before joining any of our programmes, the students must take an online placement test to assess their English writing, speaking, and reading abilities. 

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Support in Over 20 Languages

We want you to be comfortable. Our customer support team speaks more than 20 languages to offer assistance, to help you achieve your goals, and explore educational pathways.

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Brand New Stunning Campus

Our English language school goes beyond the books. Our 2,783 sqm campus has high-tech smart classrooms, cafeterias, libraries, and leisure facilities that will provide you with a premium experience.

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Highly Qualified Native Teachers

Giving you a quality learning experience is our main goal! All our teachers are certified native English speakers and highly experienced in teaching English as a second language.

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Students around the World

We are a multicultural school with students from over 80 nationalities. You will have an exceptional learning experience by making friends from different countries and participating in a real international student community.

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Our Dedicated Career Office

The journey of every ES student doesn’t have to end in the classroom! Get career advice and job tips from our expert advisors at our dedicated Careers Office, who run an active job board and regular workshops on CV building, networking, and interview skills.

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Social Activities Programme

Studying English with us is more than just learning! Our social activities team arranges more than 20 free and affordable activities every month. Interact with students from all across the world and practise English outside of class.

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At ES Dubai, we make studying English a fun and fascinating experience for every student. A family-like atmosphere in a culturally diverse community at our school is our asset. Our school will become your second home while you learn, discover, and enjoy Dubai.