Why Do I Need IELTS?

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If you wish to study abroad or work in any foreign country, IELTS will be the first thing on your checklist. IELTS certification is often a part of the eligibility criteria for most countries, and is also useful to demonstrate your English proficiency when applying for admission to any university or job at a leading […]

All About Halloween

ES Dubai - English Studies Dubai-All About Halloween

The spooky season of the year and a popular festival celebrated on October 31 – Halloween. But do you know how the Halloween festival started? The usual Halloween celebrations include decorating the houses with scary props such as spider webs, bats, ghosts, and skeletons, getting dressed up in different costumes and going around trick-or-treating. This […]

Why Choose To Live and Learn English In Dubai?

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Ever came across a situation when you found it difficult to understand or talk to someone? Different countries have unique native languages; presently, there are over 7100 languages worldwide. Dubai is a popular city home to expatriates from across the globe who speak diverse native languages. Although being an Arab city, English is widely used […]

Top 8 Reasons to Study in the Dubai

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Dubai is home to world-class universities for students who want to study abroad and live an international student life. The city is known for its incredible diversity, luxurious lifestyle, and quality education. It has become a hub for expats, tourists, and, international students who want to build their careers in their respective fields of interest. […]

Tips For Students Who Want To Study In UAE

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We understand how exciting it is to study abroad, especially when it is about studying in the UAE, one of the most preferred destinations across the globe. You get a chance to explore a new part of the world, make new friends, and most importantly you will get exposure to develop valuable life skills. But it […]

7 Reasons Why Learning English is Important in Dubai

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Learning a new language opens new doors, especially when living, working, and studying in a different country. When it comes to studying abroad, Dubai is the primary choice for most international students. From working part-time to studying in one of Dubai’s popular universities, the Importance of Learning English plays a major role in advancing your […]

Why have an International Student Life in Dubai?

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While Dubai is full of exciting places for tourists to travel to, it is also a desirable destination for international students who are looking to study abroad in top-notch educational institutions. More and more students choosing Dubai for international student life are you looking to study in Dubai, considering its excellent education system, inspiring architecture, […]

ES wins in the MEA Markets UAE Business Awards

ES Dubai - English Studies Dubai-ES wins in the MEA Markets UAE Business Awards

Bill Gates once said, “to win big, you sometimes have to take big risks.” We saw a gap in the market, took a risk, and since then, there has been no looking back for ES Dubai! We are so excited about our recent win in the MEA Markets 2019 UAE Business Awards, where ES Dubai […]

Discovering Hatta

ES Dubai - English Studies Dubai-Discovering Hatta

Adventure, friendship and exploring new horizons… This was exactly what our students experienced recently when they visited Hatta!  Located 115 km from Dubai, Hatta’s stunning mountains and wadis offer fun and interactive leisure activities. Our students got the chance to socialize, try some exciting activities together, and take their English language learning out of the […]

International Day at ES Dubai

ES Dubai - English Studies Dubai-International Day at ES Dubai

Nothing brings people together like the magic of food! With students from over 70 nationalities learning English at ES Dubai, our student community is truly diverse. It was no surprise that our International Day reflected our school’s amazing multicultural vibe, with students from Central Asia sharing their delicious delicacies with us. We loved trying out […]