Dubai is often named as one of the most expensive cities in the region but with some clever budgeting and cost-saving measures, our students have found that it’s perfectly possible to enjoy this exciting city without going broke! Jimmy Garzon, one of our international students from Colombia, shares his top 10 tips to stretch your budget in Dubai:


1. Websites like are fantastic for entertainment and dining options, offering up to 70% off the original price.


2. The Entertainer app is super popular with Dubai residents and rightly so! With thousands of buy one, get one free offers for dining, entertainment, fitness and travel available on the app, the Entertainer is a guaranteed way to save money while living in Dubai.


3. Hold on to your shopping receipts from Carrefour! The back of Carrefour’s receipts is lined with discount coupons for popular fast food restaurants. Clip these coupons and save them for some generous meal deals!


4. Explore the streets of Deira for affordable restaurants and shopping options. This older and culturally rich part of Dubai was once the center of all the action in the city. Today it is often overlooked for the glossier landmarks of New Dubai but a day out in this end of town is likely to stretch your dirham pretty far!


5. Sign up for loyalty programmes at hypermarkets where you can accumulate points over time and eventually redeem them for cash vouchers.


6. Dubai residents are blessed with fantastic public transport options. The busses, in particular, are cheap, convenient and reliable. They cost less than one US dollar for a one zone ticket and have a widespread network all over the city.


7. Dubai is home to an array of beautiful parks, waterfronts, beaches and open spaces – most of which are free to the public. Take advantage of these gorgeous outdoor areas during your leisure time!


8. Buy in bulk and split the cost with your friends or room-mates. This is a sure-fire way to save a few dirhams!


9. Online shopping is becoming increasingly popular in Dubai. Browse websites like and to compare prices of products, especially electrical items.


10. Venture out to Dragon Mart! This massive Chinese shopping hub sells competitively priced goods and it’s impossible to walk out without a bargain!